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As CEO of High Optics Group, Heather is responsible for leading political strategy teams across the USA. She is consistently recognized for her leadership within Conservative Networks, and most notably her innovative campaign positioning.

Heather Sellers has over thirty years of marketing, advertising, and public relations experience encompassing all aspects of consulting, budgeting, media buying and planning, branding of a new name for a company, lobbying, and serving as a company spokesman.

Heather is a former elected official, allowing her a unique and valuable perspective of elections and campaigns processes and their evolutions.

Between 2018 and 2021, she represented 85 campaigns across the country, from U.S. Senate and Congress to Local City and County races.

Heather’s motto is “Let’s Win”! No race is too small!  


Kathryn Mills

co-Founder & COO

Turn Your Ideas Into Energy


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